Never miss an opportunity

Messaging, groups, topics, and your circles all in one place.

One Interface to your digital life.

It's simple: Grip is the easiest way to communicate. One app to interact with the things you care about. No more getting lost.

All your groups, personal chats, and topics neatly organized.
Responsive and secure chat.


Hey guys, are we still on for this afternoon?


Yup! Great discussion yesterday.


I know, this makes it so easy.
Groups, topics, events, anything you desire.
Integrations and exports with your favorite platforms

We <3 Sports

Did you see that goal??
Saw the replay. Post it.

The Grip Stream

The Stream combines all of your important content into one easy to read and manage feed. Saving you time.

Context Is Easy

We've got that covered. Grip makes it easy to jump through conversations. No more missing notifications.

Who can use Grip? Anyone!

No need too big, no situation too small.


Connects with his high school buddies. Chimes in on his favorite sports teams.


Communicates with his home world family. Keeps his to-do's in order.


Organizes her Wednesday night gatherings. Talks with her co-founder.

Grip - Messaging, groups, topics, and your circles in one platform. Grip is where interaction comes alive

Welcome to your new home.

One Product

  • Grip is the simplest consumer communication tool.
  • Never lose context of the conversations you're having.
  • Never miss out on any piece of information.

Many Uses

  • Be a community leader or part of your favorite group of friends.
  • Integrate with your favorite social applications.
  • Take your contact list with you to any other application.

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